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Fun Activities Around Lake Michigamme

If you've made your way to the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, you may have landed at the Lake Michigamme Shores Campground Resort. Once you're all set up in one of their RV rentals, cabins, or you've hooked up your rig at one of the campsites, you're ready for some fun.

There are dozens of exciting activities available at the campground. In addition, there are many fun things to do in the area. Let's start out by suggesting some fun stuff to do on Lake Michigamme and then look at some other activities close by.

Lake Michigamme Shores Campground Resort Activities

If you're like many visitors to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, you come for the rustic natural wilderness. However, there's a lot to do in the area. This is especially true when you choose to set up camp at the Lake Michigamme Shores Campground Resort. Let's take a look at some activities available that are part of the campground itself.

Didn't bring your bike? Don't worry about it, there available from the clubhouse. On-site at the Lake Michigamme Shores Campground Resort are horseshoe pits, basketball and volleyball courts, plus tennis courts.

They have sports equipment for campers as well. You can bring your own games, or enjoy these sporting activities during your stay.

With a launch right on site, you can rent pontoon boats, small powerboats or canoes. Kayakers don't need to bring their own kayak to Lake Michigamme Shores Campground Resort, they have them available.

We'd be remiss if we didn't remind visitors you can swim in the cooling waters of Lake Michigamme right from the campground's private beach. There is a playground only a few feet away for the kids.

If the playground runs out of interest for the kids, there is the new pillow jumper for a thrilling experience. The pillow jumper is located near the beach as well. Don't forget to rent a paddle boat to cruise around and explore the majestic beauty of the shoreline.

Swimming at the beach is free for guests, and there are numerous options for watercraft rentals. You can rent either of the boat options for as little as one hour. Paddleboards, paddleboats, canoes and kayaks rent by the hour, or for a full eight-hour day.

For campers who bring their own small boats or paddleboards, you can also rent a slip while you're staying the campground. Watercraft rentals include four wrist bands for your family and guests.

You can also enjoy the challenge of fishing for one of the Upper Peninsula's prize catches of the day. Bring your rod and reel, but there is a bait and tackle shop right at the campground.

Other Activities Around Lake Michigamme

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While there is enough to keep you active right at the Lake Michigamme Shores Campground Resort, you may thirst for some additional excitement. Here are four enjoyable activities that are all less than a couple of hours away from the campground.

There are guided hunting expeditions through the ranch's 600 acre facility. The ranch is heavily wooded, adding the perfect aura of hunting whitetail deer in their natural wilderness setting. Bucket List Whitetails Ranch offers lodging and meals if you want to stay on site.

Northwoods has guided whitewater rafting tours, or you can rent your own equipment and test the raging waters of the Menominee River. The Northwoods Adventures staff is ready to make memories of a lifetime.

The Wawonowin Country Club welcomes visitors to the area to experience the beauty of nature on the 6,600 yard course. After your round of golf, you enjoy the panoramic beauty of the region, enjoying dinner from the full-service restaurant or a refreshing drink.

When you experience the panoramic view of the Upper Peninsula's magical wilderness from the pinnacle of this ride, you will be glad that you didn't miss this one. The Copper Peak Adventure Ride gives you a chance to climb to the starting blocks used by world-class downhill skiers.

The trip starts with an 800-foot chair lift ride. This only gets you to the crest of the hill. Visitors are then treated to another climb in an 18-story elevator. This puts you on the main observation deck. For the truly adventuresome heart, there are 8 more stories you walk up to the official starting gate.

From the peak point, you will see one of the most breathtaking views of your lifetime. On a clear day, you can see across 2,500 acres spanning three states into Canada. If you make it as far as Lake Michigamme, you need to travel the couple of hours to experience the Copper Peak Adventure Ride.

You can fill a full schedule by just taking advantage of the fun things to do at the Lake Michigamme Shores Campground Resort. However, if you decide to make your stay an extended one, these other four activities should definitely be on your to-do list. Book a reservation today for the Lake Michigamme Shores Campground Resort, and you'll have the perfect central location for weeks' worth of exciting adventures.